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Control Large DC Motors with Arduino! SyRen Motor Driver Tutorial

I love Arduino's! One of the main reasons I was so excited about Arduino's potential back when I discovered them in 2006 was simple: controlling motors! Arduino's control small motors very easily; in fact, I've done a number of videos covering How to Control a Servo with Arduino, How to Control a Stepper with Arduino, and How to Accurate Control Steppers. But another great thing about Arduino's is they make it very easy to control large motors - like the brushed DC gearmotors in this video buy using a motor controller. In this video tutorial, we walk through a simple example in the Arduino IDE to show just how easy it is to get up and running to start, stop, control direction and speed of a large motor with Arduino! In the second example, we use two proximity sensors as limit switches and two potentiometers to allow on-the-fly speed adjustment! Arduino: SyRen Driver: Arduino Code: Proximity Switches: Potentiometer: 12V Gearmotor: If you enjoy this NYC CNC video please hit the like button and share with a friend, it really goes a long way! Recent Videos: Machining Hard Steel with Soft Jaws: Control Large DC Motors with Arduino: Subscribe For More - Follow on Twitter - Facebook - Instagram Music copyrighted by John Saunders"


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