Using the Arduino Ethernet shield, Part 1 of 2

Lecture Description

In this 2-part lecture I will show you how to get your Arduino gadget to speak to the Internet! In part 1, I will show you how to connect your Ethernet shield, and how to make your Arduino part of your local network. Specifically, I will show you how to connect to the network by automatically acquiring an IP address via DHCP, or how to acquire an IP address manually.

In the 2nd part, I will show you how to turn on and off an LED, and to read light intensity through a Telnet connection to your Arduino from your computer.


* Arduino Uno

* Arduino Ethernet shield

Some more details about Arduino Step by Step...

The Arduino prototyping platform makes it easy to make your own gadgets. This course will show you how, step-by-step, from the very beginning.

The course is available at

If you sing-up to my email list at, you will receive a coupon for a significant discount on the full price. This discount will be decreasing as I add new lectures, so act now!

The course is designed to introduce you to the basics of making electronics with the Arduino. Rest assured, with these basics you will be able to build your own awesome gadgets, from programmable robots to home automation and monitoring systems.

You will start by learning about the process of prototyping with the Arduino, and why this is an amazing platform to learn. Then, you will start playing with sensors and understand how to read the world by measuring things like temperature, humidity, light and acceleration. Next, you will learn about how to interact with your gadget using devices such as buttons, screens, keypads and flex sensors.

But that's not all! Modern gadgets should be able to access the whole world through the Internet, so in this course you will also learn about how to connect to your local network and to the Internet, how to control your gadget remotely, and how to collect information from its sensors.

I hope you will find this course enjoyable! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions as you go along, I am always here to help."

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