The $35 Computer Raspberry Pi Unboxing, SD Card Setup & 1st Boot

I just set up the NEW Raspberry Pi 2 Quad Core as a Scratch play station for my kid:

Unboxing $35 Raspberry Pi Computer, SD Card Setup & 1st Boot (3 years ago)
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Spec's: Broadcom SoC ARM11 (ARM v6) 700MHz with a game console caliber GPU
Yes, it runs Minecraft.
No, there's no WiFi but you can get a $5 dongle.
No, it does not run Windows. Not even Win RT / Win 8 for ARM.
You can order them from element 14 or RS Components.
Correct, there's no case but there are plenty of options.
No, it's not as powerful as your PC but that's not the point.
Download the software at"

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