Raspberry PI 2 B first time Setup (1/2 Hr Process to full GUI and WIFI) + FREE PI 2 Model B's

To keep up to date with the progress of the Raspberry PI, I have now received my model 2's, so the fist thing to do is install Raspbian via NOOBS and see how easy it goes in.
The whole process took close to an hour but half of that was waiting for file system expansion and un-attended install stuff + of course I was videoing the whole thing which slowed me down a bit, I estimate the human effort is way under a half hour and the video is edited to 30mins (But no details are missing)

The WIFI Adapters I used that were fully supported right out of the box where as follows
From Element 14: http://canada.newark.com/element14/wifi-dongle/usb-dongle-wlan-150mbps/dp/79X2198?MER=PPSO_N_C_EverywhereElse_None

and from Adafruit: http://www.adafruit.com/products/814

No additional software was required to get the WIFI up and running and as long as you can have a keyboard and HDMI screen hooked up at time of first setup, you can use SSH for later connections as the HDMI and Keyboard are not essential once completed assuming you want to SSH using PUTTY or Tera Term from a PC, MAC or Linux main machine

I am pleased to report the new PI 2 Model B is an excellent improvement and at 35$, a real bargain.

For some reason I had a focusing issue for a couple of mins part way through the vid and my sound was noisy near the end, sorry about that, I had not realized until editing the video, Ill try to do better in future :)"

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