New Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Review - Compared Head-to-Head with the Original Old One - OpenELEC

The new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B features a much faster quad core ARMv7 processor, (up from a single core before) and double the RAM with 1 gigabyte vs. 512 megabytes on the original and B+ models.

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In this video we'll be compare it head-to-head with the original Raspberry Pi, in this case the B+. We'll test boot up time, web browsing, and playing back Blu Ray MKV files with Kodi / XBCM running on OpenELEC!

Find the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B at Newark element14:

Video Index:
0:03 - Introduction to the Raspberry Pi
0:50 - Hardware comparison to the B+
1:10 - Hardware overview
4:12 - Boot up comparison head-to-head
5:05 - Chrome / Chromium comparison head-to-head
6:08 - Epiphany browser demonstration
6:44 - OpenELEC Kodi XBMC boot up
7:41 - Blu Ray MKV comparison head-to-head in Kodi XBMC
8:50 - Conclusion and final thoughts

Thanks to the folks at Newark Element14 for sending this along:

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DISCLOSURE: Element14 sent this unit to the show for this review"

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