My Final Year Project Demo (Android App) 2012

i-Student is an android application, which is implemented using JAVA and MySQL. Developing environment IDE is Eclipse, using Android SDK and SQLite data base (Open source database). SQLite database is used to store default and data with very small amount of size. Therefore we had to use MySQL database which had to be hosted on the web-server and data has to be stored and retrieved from the android mobile device to the host server.

i-Student allows student to have better interaction with the university or the educational institute that they belong to. But, to have this task accomplished is bit challenging, because it has various aspects that would make the students more involved and integrated within campus activities.

Full Project Functionality
1) Make students efficiently manage their day just with a mobile device.
2) Allow direct and fast interaction between students and lecturers with constant notifications.
3) Allow students to keep in track of each and everything they did in a day at college.
4) Faster access to the library just with the mobile phone, and keep track on their borrowed books and deadlines details (work on virtual library).
5) File uploading and downloading to the university space allocated specifically to the students.
6) Sharing information with friends (via Facebook, Google+, Etc.).
7) View schedule changes (via Notification), pushed from the back-end system of the administrator.
8) Friend location finder via GPS , Wi-Fi and GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) technology.
9) University discussion forum and group chat.
10) sending file via e-mail.

e-mail :-
Web :-

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