Introduction to Arduino

Go from blinking an LED to virtual prototyping in seven hours and still have time to eat lunch! This class is for anyone who has never played around with Arduino before and those who have played around a little bit but aren't entirely sure what it's all about. It's easier than you think! We'll put together basic single component electrical circuits that will teach you about analog and digital, input and output, and basic programming concepts such as "if" statements. We'll also practice basic serial communication, and briefly cover basic virtual prototyping using Fritzing ( In case you haven't noticed, the key word here is basic. Depending on class interest, Arduino-related educational techniques may be discussed as well.

This course is based around the SparkFun Inventor's Kit ( The SIK guidebook is available for free at:, and you can get the code at

Before the class, you should have the Arduino and Fritzing software installed. Arduino is available at, and Fritzing is available at

If you have any questions during the live class, leave them in the comments. This is an all-day class, but the last few hours are free time, so we will stop the stream when the formal instruction has finished."

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