How to make a mobile app in 25 min - For FREE!

Watch Jay build a mobile app for iPhone, Android & HTML5 Smartphones - from end-to-end in about 25 minutes using the Infinite Monkeys drag-and-drop mobile app maker at:

If you have been wondering how to make an iPhone app for your small business, then this video will show you exactly how. Each step is covered in detail.

You can see how Jay uses the free app maker to build an iPhone app for The Hamilton Inn, a local restaurant just outside New York City.

The video is divided into convenient sections, so you can see how to make an app by:
- format your app with colors & backgrounds
- add interactive functions and features such as: Twitter, Facebook, Calendars, Open Table Reservations and click-to-call
- create an icon for your app in the iTunes App Store and Google Android Market
- Publish your app for free with one click
- Promote a mobile app once you've built it using Google AdWords, QR Codes, etc.

This is a great how-to reference video with easy to follow instructions for making your own mobile app for Android, iPhone and HML5, using the Infinite Monkeys Drag-and-Drop free app maker available at:

Check out our free and pricing options here:

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