DIY Cheap Arduino CNC Machine - Machine is Complete AND Accurate!

In Part 1, we set up the Arduino & GRBL shield. Now, let's use inexpensive linear motion hardware (links below!) to assemble the bearings, rods and steppers into a functional CNC machine!

In this video, we look at the CAD model of the machine, discuss basic design philosophy, test it's accuracy (amazing results!), then do the final GRBL set up so that we can export CAM G-Code to use on the machine!

Products used in the video:
(These are the best prices I have found online!)
Linear Bearing Slider:
8MM Linear Rail:
Timing Pulley:
Timing Belt:

Dial Indicator:
Indicator with Mag Base:
2-4-6 Blocks:

Saunders Machine Works Aluminum Brackets:

Arduino Uno:
GRBL Shield:
24V Power Supply:
My Favorite Multi-Meter (only $13.99!): or

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Part 1:

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