Cloud computing: Explained in less than 60 seconds

Cloud Computing may sound like a fancy term, but when broken down, it's not so bad. In fact, we use it every day without realising it. There are 3 types of services that use cloud technology: infrastructure IaaS, platform PaaS, and software Saas.

Video Text in English:
Cloud computing is the variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network like the internet.
Ok, but when do we use the cloud? That's easy: almost always and it's divided into 3 categories
When you store something online, you're using the cloud. This is called "infrastructure as a service"
And what about when you're paying for those extra features for your favourite candy crush? Yeah, you're using the cloud too. The payment platform belongs to a type of cloud we call "platform as a service."
Do you manage your tasks with web-based tools? Or are you procrastinating on these tasks by playing on a browser game? Either way, you're still using the cloud. This is called "software as a service"
So if anyone asks, you now know the 3 types of cloud services: infrastructure, platform, and software. It looks like there are a lot of clouds out there, don't forget your umbrella!

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