Cellular Modem for Machine to Machine Communication

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Today's Topic:
In the modern world of IoT and IoE (Internet of Things/ Internet of Everything) it is becoming more important to be able to connect "smart" devices to the internet so that they can communicate without human intervention. While Cellular Modems have been around a long time most IT professionals think they are a poor solution because they are so slow and have poor latency, but if you have devices that simply need to be able to reliably send text then a 300Kbps upload speed with high latency is not an issue.

We demonstrate NimbeLink's Cellular Modem in this video and explain why you should think about such things as power consumption, and weather resistance when picking a cellular modem in the real world.

For more information on NimbeLink equipment: https://www.nimbelink.com

Today's Review:
Inateck FD1005 Hard Drive Docking Station: http://www.inateck.com/inateck-fd1005-usb-3-0-hdd-docking-station/

Today's Questions:
"How do I access my High Schools Novel Network from home?"

"Why is it so hard to find an entry level IT job?"

Today's Final Thoughts:
Living below your means is very important for your career advancement.

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