BIG DATA | Nerdologia 40

Neste episódio do Nerdologia você vai entender o que é a Big Data e descobrir como ela pode até "prever o futuro".

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Nerdologia | Espetáculo da Iluminação - GE do Brasil

Nerdologia | Energia do Lixo - GE do Brasil

Apresentação e Roteiro:
Átila Iamarino -

Edição e Arte:
Tucano Motion -

Paloma Mieko - e

Caio Gomes -
Ricardo Bittencourt -

- Mrs Brown Tries a Search Engine - Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 3 Episode 4 Preview - BBC One
- Doctor Who
- Dark Knight cell surveillance trim scene
- Evolution Data
- Facebook's 'dark side': study finds link to socially aggressive narcissism
- Star Trek STNG Moments 85 Data's Day
- February -- Style Icon Month
- Facebook Vs Big Brother
- New Facebook Feature Cool or Creepy
- Smartphone interview
- Guilherme Briggs
- Comic Book Store
- Justin Bieber acoustic music poster Obrazy
- The Sticky Methods Of Marketing Cereal To Kids
- Target knows when you're pregnant
- Target increases number of customers who had personal details stolen to 70MILLION after holiday data breach
- sma snp500 strategy
- Social Market Analytics secret sauce for using Twitter Sentiment for Stocks Trading
- So How Does Twitter Make Money, Anyway?
- Chaves - Os remédios do Quico
- Google Flu Trends Overview
- Check-out é uma ótima área para aumentar a lucratividade
- Mariano dançando AQUELE Funk
- Thomas and Friends
- Global ship traffic seen from space FleetMon Satellite AIS and FleetMon Explorer
- A Day in the Life of Air Traffic Over the World
- 2014 Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra Infotainment Review (Chevy MyLink)
- mbrace Apps - Weather - Mercedes Benz USA Owners Support
- Waze
- What is Big Data and how does it work
- GE Masterclass with Baratunde Thurston - How Does a Jet Engine Work?
- GE Masterclass with Baratunde Thurston - How Does a Locomotive Work?
- GE Masterclass: Extra Credit with Baratunde Thurston - How Does a Jet Engine Work?
- GE Masterclass with Baratunde Thurston - How Do Wind Turbines Work?
- the net sandra bullock chat scene
- GE Software: The Next Industrial Revolution Is Here
- GEnx Aircraft Engine Industrial Internet GE Europe
- Céus Verdes Brasil - GE do Brasil
- Remember the Y2k, year 2000 bug scare?

- Bollen, Johan, Huina Mao, and Xiaojun Zeng. "Twitter mood predicts the stock market." Journal of Computational Science 2, no. 1 (2011): 1-8. [pdf]
- Volume de dados do Facebook 1:
- Volume de dados do Facebook 2:
- Caixas de cereais para crianças:
- A reportagem de Charles Duhigg:
- Google Flu Trends:
- Livro citado: Predictive Analytics, por Eric Siegel



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