Best Virtual Voice Assistant application for Android: 3D Pal Lite (3D Siri)

We have been through different kinds of voice assistants on all platforms, from Siri for iOS and Google Now for Androids, as well as S Voice for Samsung Galaxy S devices, but a real virtual voice assistant has never been this interesting with 3D Pal Lite (3D Siri).

"3D Pal Lite is the first app on Google Play, which offers the ability to virtualize any individual you like in brilliant 3D animation with touch sensitivity," says the developer, Indoirish Software Solutions (Ireland) Limited.

This application is available for free from Google Play, with tons of new features like having your friend's, family's or your favorite celebrity's face rendered into the app and answers your questions out of the smartphone. Giving you all the basic abilities of any voice assistants, that lets you set up an alarm, text or call somebody, update your Facebook or Twitter status, open any application, search for anything, do some mathematics also convert currency and much more really fast and is very responsive. We must say this application is worth a look, so go get it from Google Play Store.

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