Arduino Video Tutorial - 10 Twitter controlled Mood Lamp

Learn the basics of using the Arduino Starter Kit with Massimo Banzi, one of the Co-Founders of Arduino.

Massimo Banzi is back for the final Arduino tutorial video, and this time, he will be using a Wi-Fi shield module to connect his Arduino unit to the Internet. This obviously opens up a whole range of new possibilities, which Banzi explores in the video.

For the purposes of this demonstration, Banzi creates a simple lamp circuit that will change colour according to the messages posted on Twitter. So if someone, for instance, Tweets a message that begins with #ArduinoRGB followed by a colour represented by a six digit decimal number (like the way colours are displayed in HTML), the lamp will then change colour accordingly.

You can find all the codes in the Arduino IDE under the menu Examples / Starter Kit
Download IDE:

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