Arduino Production Factory Tour

Did you know that arduino PCBs are made start to finish in a single factory in the tiny town of strambino, italy? this video shuttles you through all the stages of their creation: from punching the foundation holes to etching to screen-printing to rinsing to milling and finally testing.

Etching : one of the most fascinating steps of PCB production is etching, and the locally produced machines at arduino's production plant system elettronica are mesmerizing to watch at work. in etching, man works deftly alongside machine to drive sheets of arduinos through a series of acid washes across six holding tanks.

Pick and Place : sheets of arduinos get outfitted with their electronic infrastructure by a pick-and-place machine that automatically and precisely places SMD components like resistors and capacitors.

Ready to ship : man and machine work together at breakneck speed to get microcontrollers ready to ship out to the world. filmed on the packaging floor at smartprojects in the arduino factory complex.

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