Arduino - Control 2 DC Motors Via Bluetooth (Tutorial)

Full Tutorial here:

You can download on my website "BlueArd" android app, arduino sketch, schematics, etc...
Make sure you go there and grab everything!

UPDATE 23-12-2013: changed their whole website... So the source file that previously you could use to edit on their website, only works with AppInventor version 1.0 or also called classic that you can see here Click the button: "Invent your own Apps now" . This project still works just fine with my app and with my Arduino code. But you can only edit the source code on Appinventor classic version. I'll try to update the source code in the next 4 weeks or something. I'm currently working on another projects that I need to finish right away.

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Parts Required:

1x Arduino Uno
1x Bluetooth Module (for example: HC-05)
1x Smartphone (any Android will work, I've only tested with Samsung Galaxy Ace)
BlueArd Application (you can download it below)
1x L293D IC
x DC motor
1x Breadboard
Jumper Cables"

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