Apple iPhone 6 Long Term Review in 4K (After 2 Months)

After purchasing the iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage over 2 months ago and using it as my daily driver ever since it is finally time to share my full review with you guys. The iPhone 6 off contract is incredibly overpriced which is why I can only recommend to buy it heavily subsidised on a contract like I did.
The 4.7' screen has the perfect size in my opinion and the phone feels great in the hand thanks to the aluminum construction. Despite the fact that the iPhone 6 only features an A8 dual-core processor, performance is great for benchmarks, everyday tasks and gaming.
The best feature of the iPhone 6 to me certainly is the 8 Megapixel Camera on the back. While the resolution is not incredibly high, the picture quality is outstanding and the focus incredibly fast.

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