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"Inductive Automation produces software that reduces frustration and increases efficiency in the industrial automation market"


Can you introduce us to Inductive Automation?

Inductive Automation produces software that reduces frustration and increases efficiency in the industrial automation market. Our software facilitates the instant accessibility of meaningful information throughout the enterprise. We begin by listening, then acting on what we hear to inject innovation and unprecedented value into the industry.

What is ignition?

Ignition reinvents SCADA to be everything you need in one powerful software solution.


What are differences between Ignition and other classic SCADA software?

 Here is an article with Sherwin William’s.

Ignition scada 1

Ignition provides users with powerful functionality using Java, Python and SQL databases. These established technologies create powerful options for advanced data management, processing and reporting.Ignition is web-launched, and licensing is server-based, so client software installation tasks are virtually eliminated. Better yet, expansion to more clients does not require the appropriation of additional funds. IT can focus on the application itself and the burdensome tasks of software installation and license appropriations disappear.

Do you have distributor of ignition SCADA in France?

We don’t have any Distributors per se, but we have a great integrator who brings us most of France’s clients. His name is Gilles Nguyen, and he works for Mios Technologies .

On what OS can we use Ignition?

it is cross-platform because it runs on Java, so it runs on ANY system.

What are the main benefits of web based SCADA.?

You can download it from a server, and it only takes 3 minutes to download, unlimited licensing, unlimited clients, unlimited tags and much more.

What are main modules offers by ignition scada – We have several MES Modules, and you can see them here  .We have a third party Marketplace here

What are the main features of ignition version 7.7?

This page covers it all.

Ignition scada 2

Now, Ignition v7.7 arrives with over 40 new features and enhancements that elevate the user experience and push the software platform even further past the traditional limits of SCADA. If you’re a current Ignition user, you’ll find many additions and refinements you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re a new user, Ignition v7.7 is a cross-platform HMI, SCADA, and MES solution so flexible that it will reset your idea of what’s possible. Any way you look at it, the latest version of Ignition empowers your enterprise to be more productive and efficient than ever, with new ways to leverage templates and tags, new scripting capabilities, and much, much more.

What is inductive university?

Anyone can learn Ignition at their own pace, take Ignition training courses led by the experts, learn anytime, and learn anywhere. We have over 500 videos all for free.

Inductive university

OPC UA appears to play an important role in industrial manufacturing. Why is OPC UA so important to the industry?

The Ignition OPC-UA Module adds OPC-UA server and client functionality to an Ignition system. Inductive Automation was the first company to independently develop an OPC-UA stack from scratch and successfully test it at a major interoperability workshop. We know OPC-UA inside and out, and are very excited about being on the forefront of the future of industrial communication.

Server & Client

The OPC-UA Module is best described in two parts because it implements both server and client functionality. The module's server portion comes with popular drivers for devices by Allen-Bradley and Siemens, as well as devices that support Modbus. The Ignition OPC-UA Module also features an open driver API. This means you can write your own drivers for the module. Learn more at the developers section.

Based on Modern IT Protocols

The OPC-UA specification is based on TCP, which means no more configuring DCOM. Your connections are made by IP address, so connecting to a remote machine is as easy as connecting to a local one.

Windows. Linux. You Pick

One of the greatest things about OPC-UA is that since it's based on open technologies like TCP, it can be implemented on multiple platforms. And that's just what we did. It works just as well on Linux as it does on Windows. In fact, since it's written in 100% Java, you can run the Ignition OPC-UA Module on just about any system that supports Java v.6 or v.7.


Because the module is based on TCP, the same security methods are available that allow you to set up RSA encryption in just a few moments.







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