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Arduino Breadboard Tutorial -Arduino Workshop Project Video #1

This is a tutorial about making an Arduino board on a breadboard! It is useful to be able to do this as its much cheaper once you have the infrastructure to use it (cables, tools ect...) and if it breaks a replacement isn't that expensive. This video is also the first of the arduino workshop projects in which I will make fun 30 minutes arduino projects. I spent a while making this video so I hope you enjoy it. CLOSE UP PICTURES (FULL RESOLUTION) ______________________________________ ATMEGA 328 PINOUT Parts list _______________________________________________________________________ 1 x Breadboard (If you don't already have one) 1 x RED/BLACK hookup wire (If you don't have any) 1 x ATmega328 with Arduino Bootloader 1 x Ceramic Resonator 1 x Max 232 Chip 1 x DB9 Solder Cup 6 x .1uf Ceramic Capacitors 1 x 10k pull up resistor (I recommend getting the resistor kit also from sparkfun!) 1 x Push Button Switch 1 x 5v Voltage Regulator 1 x LED 1 x LED RESISTOR (Again I would just get the resistor kit!) 1 x RS232 CABLE 1 x RS232 TO USB CONVERTER (OPTIONAL if you want usb, its cheaper on ebay!) ______________________________________________________________________________ BREADBOARD JUMPERS!!! GET THEM AT RADIOSHACK IN A KIT!!!! SOME FORM OF DC POWER SUPPLY 7.5V to 10v (wall power supply, battery ect...) TOOLS, SOLDERING IRON, WIRE SNIPPERS, WIRE STRIPPERS, VOLT METER (Optional but I would get it to test conections) You can pick where you want to buy these tools if you don't already have them."


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