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1-Day Project: Build Your Own Arduino Uno for $5

Clones of the popular Arduino Uno are now so cheap, it's difficult to save money by building your own. But the knowledge gained from assembling an Arduino from individual parts, makes the exercise well worthwhile. ATmega328P Pin Mapping: ATMEGA328P-PU Microcontrolle​r With ARDUINO UNO Bootloader good quality via @eBay 5PCS Solderless Prototype Breadboard 170 Tie-points Arduino Shield Dovetail Slot via @eBay 10Pcs16MHz 16.000MHz 16M HZ HC-49S Inline Feet Passive Crystal Oscillator 20pF via @eBay USB2.0 6Pin CH340G Converter for STC Arduino PRO Instead of CP2102 PL2303 To TTL via @eBay £3 ($4.98) NEW UNO R3 ATmega328P CH340 Mini USB Board for Compatible-Arduino via @eBay"


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