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Arduino #10 - Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Range Sensor - Robotics Arduino Tutorial

Relevant Tutorials: - PWM: In the 10th Tutorial we take a look at the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. The sensor is a four pin device capable of sending an ultra sonic wave and capturing the returning signal. Based on the duration of the input signal, the user is able to figure out what the distance to the nearest device is. The important functions in this tutorial are delayMicroseconds() and pulseIn(). - delayMicroseconds(): - pulseIn(): Get in touch: Facebook: Website: Personal website: Keywords & Search Terms: Servo Hobbyist Servo RC Servo RC Car RC Plane Servo Control Motion Control Robotics Software Debouncing Software De bouncing Hardware Debouncing Arduino Tutorial Arduino Button Arduino Debouncing Hardware Button LED Toggling LED Blinking LED Arduino Speaker Arduino Tone Tone Buzzer Piezzo Speaker Piezzo Buzzer Arduino Sound Arduino Music Mario Arduino Super Mario Theme Mario on Arduino Ultrasonic Range Sensor Range Detection Range Finder Robot Movement Movement Detection Movement Sensor Arduino Movement"


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