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Libnodave DLL library tutorial with Visual Basic VB.NET and C# application

In this tutorial we will see how to use Libnodave library for communicate with Siemens PLCs using Visual Basic VB.NET or C#.Libnodave is an open source library  for communicating with Siemens PLCs .With this library you can build PC based human machine interface for industrial application.

Libnodave communicating with visual basic application,simulation on TIA Portal STEP 7  PLCSIM



Source code example Visual Basic VB.NET and libnodave

Source code and example visual basic libnodave


Libnodave communicating with C# application,simulation on TIA Portal STEP 7  PLCSIM

Source code example C# and libnodave library

Tutorial libnodave c code example


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Commentaires (4)

  • 1. oussema | 15/08/2016

Can I get libnodave Documentation for c#

  • 2. automationsense (site web) | 03/08/2016

Bonjour Mohamed,
Il faut simplement configurer ton automate et le PC sur la même adresse de sous réseau.

  • 3. Mohamed | 02/08/2016

comment configurer le Plc TCP-IP pour la communication de pc avec plc

  • 4. VILSON ARANTES | 25/04/2016

Hello Friend,

congratulations for your site, very good.

you could help me

I'm trying to make communication with plc but I am not getting

when I try to read the PLCSIM the program becomes unresponsive.


Project link

thank you so much

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